Roopal Headshot
The idea for 1st Comes Love . . . came gradually. There I was on the living room floor, surrounded by scraps of paper and ribbon, scissors at the ready, designing my sister’s shower invitations late into the night, when I realized I was really enjoying the process of creating something unique. Next came my son’s birth announcement, then my brother’s engagement party, then my brother’s wedding . . . at every step of the way, I became more and more excited about taking paper and ink and creating the perfect design to match the perfect occasion. I learned so much with each new project that I couldn’t wait for the next one.

Now nine years and two kids later, what started as a way of sharing my talents with friends and family has become my passion and work. 1st Comes Love . . ., a custom invitation design studio based in Portland, Oregon, is the business that grew out of those late nights and scraps of paper on the living room floor. We specialize in announcing life’s moments; your moments. We focus on capturing emotions and translating them into designs that find the right mix of ideas, ink and paper.

Whether your event is your wedding or the birth of a child, we are happy to offer custom invitations for your event.  Please fill out our form on the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!